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Vengeful Spirit

Long Hot Spooky Summer - Pack Two

£19.99 £20.99

Frankly, this summer has been long, hot and arduous. I know what you're thinking; we need to fight fire with fire. You're absolutely right, my spooky friend. Behold, the second of two incredible packs of hot sauce which will help you beat the heat.


🩸 Bloody Scary - Bloody Mary Hot Sauce - She awakens. Drenched in blood and filled with hate, she won’t be sated until her vengeance is complete. Wielding a powerful cocktail of tomato, red habanero, garlic & horseradish, she sets her sights on your wings, buffalo cauliflower and grilled steak. Only the mightiest can defeat her. Godspeed.

Spice-o-meter: Spooky (3/5)

🍍 Sunshine on Manila
 - Pineapple & Kalamansi Hot Sauce - Our signature pineapple hot sauce finally lands in sunny Manila. We’ve loaded up on extra citrus, selecting the finest kalamansi fruits. These stunningly juicy, zesty orbs bestow an incredible lime and orange rind flavour which works extremely well on fish tacos, carnitas & fried chicken. Intensely delicious and surprisingly refreshing, this bottle will be fleeting like a summer holiday.

Spice-o-meter: Spooky (3/5)

🟢 Green Machine - Everyday Jalapeño Sauce - A hideous, sentient war machine plagues the skyline, causing death and destruction for those who dare to tread too close. We have to shut it down. Scientists have developed a new formula, a zesty blend of jalapeño peppers, tomatillos and lime which may disrupt its neural net. Worst case, it doubles as an incredible everyday taco and wing sauce.

Spice-o-meter: Unsettling (1/5)


3x 150ml bottles

See individual product pages for a full list of ingredients.

Made in a kitchen which also handles celery, gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, milk, molluscs, mustard, peanuts, sesame, soybeans and nuts. Although great care has been taken, some trace amounts of the aforementioned allergens may be present.

Long Hot Spooky Summer - Pack Two

£19.99 £20.99